About Us

Boats and colorful houses in Nyhavn of Central Copenhagen

Our Story

2Home is your all in one vacation home rental service in greater Copenhagen.

2Home was founded in the heart of Copenhagen back in January of 2021 by two young entrepreneurs Emma and Tobias. The idea behind the company is to combine to different needs and offer one simple solution. Today many people have second homes; some have it only for investment reasons and others use it themself any now and then. Greater Copenhagen on the other hand had over 1o million overnight stays back in 2019 and all those visitors need places to stay. So why not rent those apartments out while the owner is not using it? 

What is your benefit?

You as an owner of a second apartment benefit in different ways. First of all, your investment is going to be more profitable. During the time of your absence, your accommodation is being rented out on short terms. This will give you an income which can cover your fix cost and hopefully lead to a profit. Furthermore, we as a company are looking after your property. We therefore making sure that you will come home to a spot on apartment. No need to clean or dust, you can just relax and recharge your batteries.

Living Room with Couch and Coffee Table

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Our Mission

We bring owners and renters together. We take care of the owners property and increase their profitability. We take excellent care of our guest to provide an unforgettable stay with us.

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Our Vision

We want create unforgettable experiences in Copenhagen and help our clients to achieve their financial goals.

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Our Values

We tread our clients and guests with respect. We stand for healthy growth of our clients investments and make our contribution for the better of Copenhagen tourism.

Co-Founder 2Home Emma

Emma Arvad


Co-Founder 2Home Tobias

Tobias Steger